Dezair Dehumidifier

The cutting edge DezAir Dehumidifier is a true work horse that is engineered to keep your crawl space or basement dry, odor free, healthy and properly maintained for many years to come. The DezAir 109 pint capacity dehumidifier is an innovative crawl space dehumidification system that will maximize energy efficiency and effectively operate down to low temperatures of 40°F. Its compact low clearance design is small enough to fit in low ceiling crawl spaces, yet its 300CFM fan motor is powerful enough to quickly dry a full size crawl space. The DezAir dehumidifier is equipped with a Merv-11 filtration system for filtering dust mite waste, mold and other allergens as small as two microns. We install our dehumidifiers on corrosion resistant adjustable feet and have dual self-draining ports that distribute water to sump pump.

Our DezAir Dehumidifier comes with a two-year warranty on entire unit with a $50 shipping charge applied. An additional five-year warranty on the compressor, evaporator and condenser. Delaware Crawls Space Company warranties all materials and products for one year.

The AcuRite wireless weather station installed in conjunction with DezAir Dehumidifier monitors the humidity and temperature in crawl space and viewed with illuminated color display screen. Optional AcuRite Bridge System can monitor readings with email and text alerts and can be viewed from on screen display or cell phone.

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