Pit Boss Water Alarm

Posted on April 4, 2014 at 5:47 pm in Crawl Space News | |

Pit Boss Water Alarm

No need to worry about your crawl spaces sump pump failing or power failures after we leave your job.  We install the most reliable water alarm on the market.  PitBoss.

PitBoss helps prevent tens of thousands of dollars in water damage, providing instant peace of mind. Get real-time water alarm notifications and prevent damage before it occurs. Receive text message notifications for high water and power outages.

PitBoss includes two sensors, so you can receive water alarm messages for your sump pit, septic system, grinder pump, and even your water heater or utility room drain.

1. Alarm

The PitBoss water sensor notices a high water level or power outage and sends a message out to the local cellular network.

2. Cell Tower

The local cell tower receives the message sent from PitBoss and forwards it to your phone.

3. Text Message

You receive the message from PitBoss and take action to prevent a basement flood.