Customer Experience

Yippie. It’s like a Mercedes crawl space down there!


About 2 years ago I was under my home in our crawl space to turn our outside faucets, and I noticed a very little bit of mold growing in one portion of our subfloor and joist. We called Delaware Crawl Space Company and within a day Dave came out and looked at our crawl space. Turned out it wasn’t a huge issue we just had a slightly high moisture level in the crawl space. Dave recommended a dehumidifier, and it was installed that week, and even took the time to explain to me how to read the monitoring device he gave us. I feel much better looking at that device almost every day and knowing my crawl space is staying dry and I am preventing any mold issues in our home. Would highly recommend these guys.

Billy & Heather

We could not have been able to move into our current house if it wasn’t for you, David, and all the impressive work of Delaware Crawl Space Company! Our family will forever be grateful!

B. Morris

Today I am sitting in my house while it is 35° outside with 95% humidity (not counting the inches of snow on the ground) but it is 60° in my crawl space with 47% humidity and completely dry. That’s because this past July, Delaware CrawlSpace Company did a crawl space encapsulation for us. We were having dampness and very high humidity problems. Our insulation had degenerated and mold was found. I appreciated my interaction with Dave Wilson and find him to be very personable. The technician was also professional and did an excellent job in timely manner. My crawl space looks just like the picture in the literature. I would highly recommend Delaware CrawlSpace Company to anyone having a crawl space problem.

Scott M

We have owned our house for 14 years and having the crawl space encapsulation was the best home improvement we have made. In addition to making the crawl space air tight and environmentally cleaner, it also warmed up the flooring in our living area and, I’m sure our heating cost.

The work performed by Delaware Crawl Space Company was professional, courteous and completed on time. We highly recommend Delaware Crawl Space Company

Pat and Penny Visioli
Milford, DE

What a difference it made encapsulating our crawl space! Heating and cooling our home has been getting more expensive every year. Our home was built in 1978 and has many large floor to ceiling windows and glass sliding doors. We had an energy audit done on our home and I fully expected their findings would be to update and replace all of the windows. However, the audit showed we were “leaking air” through a process they called the “stack effect”, where outside air was coming into our home through the crawl space, seeping through all the HVAC ducts into the home then leaving our home through the attic. Our home had a second heating and cooling zone HVAC system installed in the attic when it was built so all of the ducts upstairs were adding to the stack effect. The immediate solution proposed was to encapsulate the crawl space, basically plug up the source of the air getting drawn inside the house. We started researching companies who provided this service and interviewed three separate companies requesting estimates. Delaware Crawlspace was the clearest choice, not only was the price fair, but their proposal included adding lights and a remote hygrometer that shows the temperature and humidity in the crawlspace remotely.

The Delaware Crawlspace team arrived on time, rarely took breaks, and were extremely professional and friendly. In a matter of a few days, they totally transformed our crawlspace. Before they started, the crawlspace was dark, dank, creepy with cobwebs and who knows what else. It was amazing to see the trash they pulled out of our crawl space, ranging from used HVAC filters, old pieces of ductwork, boards, etc. They also removed all of old batting insulation between the joist, that really served no purpose. When they were done, all of the exterior vents were completely sealed, inside and out, and closed-cell foam insulation was sprayed around the perimeter of the bottom of the wall plates to seal and insulate air penetration into the crawlspace. The heavy duty thick (20 mil) vapor barrier is a clean bright white, and reflects the lighting installed through the crawlspace. It was a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION when the job was completed.

The large dehumidifier is extremely quiet – we cannot hear it run whenever it does…every time I’ve been in the crawl space, it’s never on. That’s how dry the crawlspace is now. I don’t mind going in it now, whereas I would never go it before. All of the service companies who have worked on our house after the crawlspace was encapsulated (plumbers, electricians, cable company, HVAC technicians) have all complimented and expressed how easy it made their jobs and it was the best they’ve ever seen. And all have asked us for the name of the company who installed it. We’re never embarrassed now whenever someone needs to get to the crawlspace.

The results were totally amazing. There’s no longer a musty smell, the air is clean, and there are no creepy crawling critters. Best of all, we definitely noticed a difference in heating and cooling our home. Before encapsulating the crawlspace, the heating and cooling system would run often, and the home always seemed drafty. Now, the heating/cooling system runs for a shorter period, far less often, and the home actually holds the heat during the winter and stays cool and dry (less humid) during the summer. Would we do this again with Delaware Crawlspace? ABSOLUTELY!! We highly recommend David Wilson and his team.

Milford, DE

When I got a report of mold beginning to appear on the substructures of my home in the crawl space, I knew something needed to be done, not just to abate the mold growth, but to prevent that mold from returning in the future. On the recommendation of a relative, I called Delaware Crawl Space to get an evaluation of the condition of my crawl space and to obtain a proposal on steps that could be taken to remediate the problem. Of several companies that I contacted, Delaware Crawl Space offered the most complete and comprehensive solution. They proposed a solution that should last for the life of the home.

David Wilson, owner and President of the company, was quick to respond to my inquiry. A timely appointment was set and he showed up on time to personally evaluate the crawl space and discuss with me the proposed solution. This was followed by a written proposal that clearly identified every aspect of the work to be performed. David was very professional in answering all my questions regarding the proposed work.

I opted for a full encapsulation of my crawlspace. The work was performed by full time employees of Delaware Crawl Space and not subcontracted. It was professionally executed and performed on schedule. The final inspection was performed by David Wilson to assure that everything had been done correctly and up to his exacting standards.

The performance of the encapsulated crawl space has exceeded my expectations. The dehumidifier maintains the moisture level in the crawl space between 45 – 50%, even on the most humid summer days. The space has stayed completely dry since the encapsulation. The temperature in the crawl space never fell below 58 deg., even on the coldest ( 7 deg. F), winter days which in turn has increased the comfort in my home and given me peace of mind that my pipes will not be freezing during the coldest temperatures. Finally, lighting was installed throughout the crawlspace, so workers can see whenever work or inspections are performed. Going in I was worried about increasing my energy usage, but to my delight the winter utility bills actually decreased, while summer showed no appreciable impact.

You can call me one very happy customer! Not only was the encapsulation performed to the highest standards, but the continuing support has been timely and exceptional. I highly recommend Delaware Crawl Space for anyone who is looking to improve the condition of the crawl space in their home. They deliver!

Rehoboth, DE

We are pleased to endorse the fine work the Delaware Crawl Space Company performed in our crawl space. We should say “transformed.” The effort involved several moving pieces but DCSC managed to coordinate with other trades and produce an exceptionally dry, clean and useful crawlspace in place of a dank, wet, moldy and stinky space. Mr. Wilson produced a well thought out plan to address our needs at a very reasonable price. His crew was hardworking and pleasant. No hard sell, just hard work and great results.!

Craig and Kathi K
Milton, Delaware

Our crawlspace encapsulation was completed by Delaware CrawlSpace about a month ago and we are already noticing a decrease in humidity inside of our home. We have had several 85 – 90 degree days this Spring with high humidity readings but have not yet needed to turn on the A/C! We have been in our home since 2001 and normally by now the A/C would be on for the rest of the Summer. The only thing we can attribute this to is our new crawlspace encapsulation. We are “almost” looking forward to cold weather this year to see the difference the encapsulation makes in the Winter. Sorry we didn’t have it done years ago!!

May 16, 2014 by The Galbraiths
Lewes, DE

5 Star Company

star3star3star3star3star3 May 29, 2013 by Bill Townsend

I contracted with David Wilson of Delaware Crawl Space Company in the fall of 2010 to have my crawl space fully encapsulated. What a relief it has been, knowing that in all kinds of weather; wet, dry, cold, or hot, my crawl space maintains constant temperature and humidity levels. Previous to the work being completed, I had issues with insulation sagging, cold floors and the concern of vents not being sealed which could lead to frozen pipes.

Previous to this contract, I had contracted with David Wilson, who is also President of Wilson Contracting, Inc. to have my home completely remodeled. My decision to use Wilson Contracting, Inc. was based on a recommendation by the Facilities Manager for Sussex County, DE who had contracted his services in the past.

What a great experience working with David and his employees and the job was extremely well done. Mr. Wilson’s strong points are honesty, integrity, empathy, creativity, and suggestions for improvements during constructions, which resulted in an excellent completed job.

In my opinion, Wilson Contracting, Inc. and Delaware Crawl Space Company are 5 star companies.

Outstanding Service

star3star3star3star3star3 Apr 23, 2013 by Matt Cranmer

There is no one better than Delaware Crawlspace Company. We are faced with many challenges and scenarios, being in the business of preventing water damages and protecting your home. Delaware Crawlspace Co. delivers every time. They are professional, take care of their customers and provide outstanding service. We are happy to have our products and services side by side with the work done by Delaware Crawlspace Co.

Excellent Quality

star3star3star3star3star3 Apr 09, 2013 by Rocco

Thank you so much for your excellent quality of work. We appreciate the job you did for us and we are so pleased. This is the second time Dave has done work for us. We also hired his other company, Wilson Contracting to so some work for us and he proves to have excellent quality of work, being trustworthy and reliable.


Workmanship is Great!

star3star3star3star3star3 Feb 16, 2013 by Richard Phillips

We’ve worked with Delaware Crawl Space Company for many years. Their workmanship is great and his customer service is second to none. After water damages or mold remediation, we feel very comfortable recommending DCSC to our customers. We know the job will be done right.


star3star3star3star3star3 Jan 13, 2013 by John Mills

Mr. Wilson,

I am writing to tell you how impressed my men and I have been when we have worked in crawlspaces which your company has encapsulated. Our business takes us to many homes in Delaware and we see the work of many companies providing similar services as yours. I must say that your installations are far beyond the quality of your competitors. The white material that you use gives us the feeling that we are in a hospital clean room. Because of the lighting you install we don’t need flashlights or have to drag drop lights under the homes to perform service on the HVAC systems. Every crawlspace that we visit encapsulated by your company is always dry and exceptionally clean. We have been in crawlspaces encapsulated by other companies where the seals have broken and water and mud are laying on top of the polymer material which is supposed to eliminate problems and not contributing to them.

Please send me some of your brochures so that we can tell our customers considering your type of service why they should spend their investment wisely with your company.