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Crawl Space Education – Coldwell Banker Realtors

We were recently invited to Coldwell Banker Realty Company to speak at their monthly sales meeting about crawl spaces.  Currently 86% of Sussex County crawl spaces are failing home inspections, yet not all for the same reasons.  Each crawl space is treated and handled differently.

With the inspection rate failing at such a high percentage, we feel it is important to educate local realtors on the issues in crawl spaces.  We are committed to help realtors identify the problems and find solutions that will best help their client.  In turn, this will help for a smoother transistion for the end of sale transaction.

From a Realtor’s perspective, being proactive in lieu of reactive may save your seller-clients’ money and aggravation during the home inspection process.  Whether you call upon Delaware Crawl Space Company at time of list (or before) as a service to your seller or helping your buyers promote healthy conditions beneath their new purchase, please consider Delaware Crawl Space Company your partner for successful transactions.

If your Realty Company would like to have Delaware Crawl Space Company speak to your realtors, please call us to schedule.


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David R. Wilson/President/CEO